Trattorino sbA T23-125.2 HD V2 SD

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  • Smart Display and G700 transmission
  • Fast mowing thanks to extra wide 125 cm mowing deck
  • Cruise control for smooth mowing
  • Bumper and cast axle fitted as standard
  • Low centre of gravity
  • 23" wide tyres for best traction
  • Semi-professional drive components. Incl. mulching kit

The intelligent smart cockpit in the solo® by AL-KO T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD petrol lawn tractor

Smart and personalized. Thanks to the smart Cockpit the user always has everything in view: For more efficient work, increased driving pleasure and better mowing results. The solo® by AL-KO petrol lawn tractor T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD is developed in Germany, it is produced in Austria. Highest quality and many years of production experience and the innovative smart Cockpit make this lawn tractor your perfect partner in your garden.

Everything immediately in view with the smart Cockpit

With the new smart Cockpit the solo® by AL-KO lawn tractor not only revolutionizes lawn mowing, but makes it much more efficient and easier to work. How does it work? By turning the smartphone into the cockpit and inserting it into the sturdy holder, which is suitable for smartphones from 4 to 7 inches. Establish the Bluetooth connection with the tractor and the smart cockpit can be started. While working on areas up to 10,000 m², all important data such as speed, fuel gauge, mowing efficiency, time remaining and time mowed so far, total operating hours, battery charge status, inclination display, etc. can be read directly from the cockpit. So that the smartphone is always ready for use, the solo® by AL-KO T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD has a USB charging plug with integrated dust and rain protection.

The solo® by AL-KO T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD lawn tractor is powered by a 14.4 kW engine - with very high power reserves. The synchronized and 125 cm wide mowing deck with two blades can be centrally adjusted in height in seven steps from 30 mm to 90 mm. In winter, the mowing deck can be easily removed for maintenance or to use the tractor as a snow removal vehicle. The C-profile frame is particularly robust and torsion-resistant, and in combination with the standard bumper and sturdy cast front wheel axle, it ensures a long service life for the lawnmower tractor. As an option, you can have an electronic emptying system retrofitted for the 310-liter catcher bag.

The lawn mowing on large lawns with the lawn tractor solo® by AL-KO T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD becomes a pleasure also due to the 23-inch rear wheels and the G700 premium gearbox, which allow speeds of up to 11 km/h and ensure insensitive driving over potholes. Here, the built-in cruise control is also a boon in terms of comfort and efficiency. Side-by-side forward and reverse pedals for intuitive driving. The mower is easy to refuel thanks to the external fuel filler neck. The deep tread and high legroom make it easy to get on and work with our lawn tractor. The comfortable seat can be adjusted individually in steps. Our tip: With an extensive range of accessories, the solo® by AL-KO lawn tractor is a real all-rounder and can do its job for you in winter and summer.

Buy the solo® by AL-KO petrol lawn tractor T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD & Alternatives

Buy the T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD lawn tractor now in our webshop or from one of our dealers. If you d prefer to let the grass grow longer, we recommend the T 22-110.0 HDH-A V2 high grass tractor (item no. 127575). Take advantage of our premium delivery service when you buy this tractor through our webshop. AL-KO Premium Delivery Service: Our solo® by AL-KO products are delivered by our stationary regional specialist dealers. Our premium delivery service includes delivery of the assembled product to your garden as well as instruction in the handling of the ready-to-use unit. > weiterlesen

Dati tecnici

Materiale tela cesto Tessuto
Velocità retromarcia - km/h 5
Area adatta fino a mq 10000
Indic. Liv. riempimento cesto
Numero lame 2
Liv. potenza sonora LwA[db(A)] 104
Avvio taglio disinseribile si
Cruise control incluso
Scarico laterale no
Connettività Bluetooth
Liv. press.sonora LpA[dB(A)] 94
Trasmissione Idrostatico G700
Tela cesto litri 310
Con tela cesto
Valore vibrazione ahw (m/s^2) 4
Velocità avanzamento - km/h 11
Regol. dell'altezza di taglio Centralizzata, 7 posiz.
Diametro ruota post. pollici 23X10.5-12
Tipo attacco della lama elettromagnetico
Tipo display smart
Valore K (m/s^2) 2
Incertezza KpA[dB(A)] 2
Pot. sonora gar. LwA[db(A)] 105
Capacità dell'unità - kW 14.4
Tipo di falciatura Standard
Svuotamento elettrico cesto no
Marchio solo® by AL-KO
Linea prodotto PREMIUM pro
Larghezza di lavoro - cm 125
Larghezza di taglio cm 125
Modello motore B&S Intek 8240
Potenza kW 14.4
Tipo di motore 4 tempi
Cilindrata ccm 724
Giri motore giri/min 2900
Numero cilindri motore 2
Avvio elettrico si
Disponibile Autochoke No
Manuali d'uso Download 0 (0.00 B)
Download 1 (0.00 B)
Certificati di conformità Download 0 (0.00 B)

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